Sunday, July 31, 2016

Not so silent Sunday

Not quite silent because I do have a couple of things to say.

1)  I finished up my Test Knit for Ellen.

I love the finished cardigan, even if it is far too warm to wear it now, I know that no matter how much I dread it, as the saying goes, Winter is Coming and I will need it!

2) I have lots of other things on the needles, I seem to have succumbed to a case of Startitis, nothing to show you yet, but I do have a small puzzle.  Now, I don't necessarily consider myself an "expert knitter".  There are lots of things that I haven't done, or don't know how to do, or have no interest in doing but, I do consider myself pretty decent at being able to follow a lace chart. Thick yarn, thin yarn, in between yarn...doesn't really make a difference to me, so long as I have a well laid out chart to follow. 

I do have a well laid out chart to follow. 

But the chart and I are not getting along right now.  I have knit her three times and each time, she has been right and I have been wrong!

Each of three times I have been wrong in a different place in the chart.

I might have to start saying I am just "okay" at following a lace chart.  :(

3) About the fundraiser for UrbanPeak.orgUnplanned Peacock is holding it until September, but I have decided that for my pattern(s)* they will be perpetual fund raising patterns.

* (s) I am working on the coordinating hat pattern right now, slouchy and very slouchy. For someone who has assured me that yellow is the most horrible color in the world (funny how it was her favorite when she was three) TDQ has said that the Butterscotch and Spicy Rainbow hat will be hers the split second it is off the needles!

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