Sunday, January 10, 2016

Scaling up

Did you read the one about the Yarn Chicken that was actually a Dragon?  Well, between test knits and pattern writing knits, today I cast on another one!

This time I am using a worsted weight yarn that has a different texture to it.  When I picked the yarn up during the Knit Picks Cyber Monday, we can't tell the dates so we did it a week early, Sale, the plan was to use it for a blanket.  Of course, upon swatching TDQ decided she didn't like the texture so I am still in the market for yarn for her 2016 blanket, but that will have to wait as the yarn diet is on with a vengeance after my exceptionally large Christmas Haul!

The yarn itself suggests a needle of a US 7 or 8, I picked a size 3 (US) to knit this particular dragon. (mostly because I have enough double points in this size to make it work, I seem to be severely lacking in 4's.)

Today I started on the wing segments.  Just from eyeballing them I will need to use something in addition to the pipe cleaners that I have for the long wing support and the supports that end up giving shape to the body.  I need to search in the garage and find out where The Monster Man hid the household electrical wiring.  I know I have some of that and it might work, if not I am pretty sure I have some speaker wire from when I wired the house for sound. (Pre blue tooth for those of you that are more technologically advanced than Chez Yarn my defense I ran the wires and put outlets in the walls, there is no speaker wire running across my living room floor!)

I won't name this dragon....she or he is  a gift for someone else.  I hope that she (or he) ends up as a stash guardian.  Who knows, if she, or he, works out the way I plan I might knit a third to guard my own stash from wayward boys!

As TDQ says you cannot harm a dragon with fire I will need some kind of water elemental to guard my bead stash!

In other knitting news, I have completed the first run through of a stranded sock pattern. I plan on knitting it one more time in the larger size before publishing it. I think it is a nice intro into stranded socks, no long floats, enough choices to keep the advanced knitter amused while still giving the learner knitter a chance to try out new techniques. 

Happy Knitting!


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