Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And then there were two

I need to take a picture of the two together, preferably not in artificial light and stuffed on top of the hutch to my knitting/computer/random this is where I sit desk.

Looks like this one is a yarn hoarder too! I have got very used to having a little friend sitting on top of my desk watching me knit and as this one is destined to spread those wings and fly away from me, there might be a third.

I might have an idea how to make the wings reversible, but it will certainly add a little bit more weight to them, which probably means that the 20 gauge copper wire I used for the long wing bones in this dragon will need more help than a single pipecleaner, might have to scale the body up just a little more to get what I am looking for.

Pictures with Dragon One will have to be taken before this one flies away!


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