Friday, January 1, 2016

I shall call her Kanaliha....TDQ will call her something else

To put this into perspective I have to tell you two stories.  The first goes something like this:

Once upon a time, in a house where knitting was a daily occurrence, there lived three teenagers. (I will only be able to say that for a few more days, the oldest one is about to hit 20!!!)  Of these teenagers, one, the oldest as it happened, would always ask upon the resident knitter's return from the mundane world. "Did you find any dragons?" and then act very disappointed when the answer was no.

In this same house was a knitter who seemed to enjoy playing a game of yarn chicken.  When she lost at that game she would become despondent, but when she won she would be on top of the world for the few minutes it took her to finish up the project and start the next one.

The last time the knitter won at yarn chicken she declared that she wanted a trophy.  Something to display when she won, and throw across the room when she lost.  So the trophy must be soft and non-lethal.

Alas, her search was in vain, and try though she might, the knitter did not find a suitable yarn chicken trophy.  Her skills not being up to creating that type of pattern, she moved on to other things but did spy an interesting pattern on Ravelry. So once the holiday knitting was over and the Christmas haul of yarn was logged in the stash, the knitter quietly pulled out her needles and yarn.

"Whatcha knitting?" asked the dragon yearning teenager.

"A yarn chicken" the knitter replied, having made sure that the pattern only showed instructions not pictures.

"Really?" asked the teen, peering intently at the page on the computer..."That will be a funny looking chicken, the web address says Kim's Dragon."

Kanaliha means chicken in Estonian (according to google) so I will call her Kanaliha.
 TDQ has declared that she will be called Chicken and that, according to her, is that!

Of course, you can tell she is a chicken by her yellow belly!


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