Sunday, January 24, 2016

Almost a Dragon

Today is a bit of a bittersweet day at Chez YarnDiet.  Today I can no longer say that I have three teenagers eating me out of house and home.  Or three teenagers stealing yarn or beads from my stash. Today I have a twenty year old living with me!

An employed, college attending, but still non-driving, twenty year old! Who has assured me that nothing will ever change and I still need to hide the beads that I don't want her "rescuing".

I gave her the original dragon, which she of course renamed Chicken, and ran off with, but not before I took a picture with the most recent version in progress.

(Almost done)

There actually isn't very much left to do, knit the back ridge and attach it and the last two long wing bones so that I can attach the wings, give it some eyes and package it up.

(pre-belly and stuffing)

I ended up using some 20 gauge copper wire for the spine, doubled pipe cleaners for the legs (although I might try and insert some copper wire into the front legs , after the fact,  now that it is stuffed, I think I would like it more pose able.) I hate to say it, but I am going to miss having that dragon sitting on top of the hutch to my desk, watching me work and knit, sometimes combining both. (And I had this fabulous can buy beads that look like claws!  If I was to go up another 50% or so I could use those on the toes and wing tips.........and maybe even change out the wing fabric for something that looks the same from both sides, and give the back thighs a bit more muscle.  uh-oh, I think that might be setting myself up to completely revamp this pattern and make a real stash guardian!)

The stranded sock pattern is still in need of a name, maybe some tech editing and if I can find some willing knitters,  a test knit or two.  I might forgo the test knitting, I know that the charting works, I worked from it!

We were talking at dinner the other night about how much of my knitting the past few years can be directly attributed to math or science type things.  Moebious loops, and fractal blankets, even a Fibonacci sequence or two in some striped things that have been and gone.  Which, as is like to happen around our dinner table, got us wondering what else could be used as the inspiring or underlying theme to a knitting project, and then to the comment "Is that really a knitters thing, or are you just weird?" and an "ah-ha" moment for what I would be knitting next.

Can you guess?  Do you dare?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


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