Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Did you want to see the little toes?

I am a few more body parts into the latest dragon.  Wanna see?

And did you want to see those toes I think are so cute?

I am just at the point where it is "knitting with a hedgehog".  A hedgehog  that likes to grab your yarn with it's toes!

Luckily that part doesn't last long and several of those needles only have two stitches on them.  Putting on the front legs is the hardest part of the whole "joining things together" as they are very counter-intuitive.  If they look right while you are doing it you have put them on backwards, so you need them to look wrong!

Not much more body knitting to go before I truly have to decide what to use for skeletal supports and those long wing bones.  In a case of stash diving gone backwards (usually the kidlets dive through my stash) I looked at some beading wires to see if they might work.  Pro-tem I have liberated some 16 and 20 gauge copper wire from a certain jewelry makers stash to see how it does.

Someone here has shared a miserable cold with me.  The past few weeks it has been one or another of them not feeling great and I have been plying everyone with vitamins and cold medicine, now that it is my turn. It is very sad all I can ply myself with is lots of fluids and vitamins. The cold medicine does not play nicely with some other medicines I have to take.

Yes, I am being a baby about it!  But, the life of a single mom goes on and I have to deal, so scratch the last few comments, I am sure I will feel better in the morning!*


*Kind of like rebooting your computer when it doesn't act right, turn yourself off (go to sleep) and hope things are better on the re-start!(in the morning when you wake up)

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