Thursday, January 14, 2016

Make Haste...but Slowly!

I had all these really big plans for what I was going to get accomplished by yesterday.

Wednesday's make good WIP posting days. might notice that didn't happen.

I have been spending a lot of time just recently bogged down with tech problems.

They are dual in nature......

Tech as in I very carefully wrote a chart, test knitted it flat, and started knitting it in the round.  A few inches in (7 acutally) I decided that I needed bigger knitting needles and frogged the starts of (another) project and started over, but somewhere in my muddled mind I decided I could simplify the chart.  So I deleted half of what I had written, printed myself a new chart and went happily on my way.

Hmmm, just one problem, it was an a-symmetric chart that I had written in the first place!

It took me that same 7 inches to discover my mistake.

Back to the Frog Pond* went my knitting.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no objection to ripping out my knitting and starting over when things are not working out.  More per yard enjoyment in the knitting, is my motto for that.  But I should have been able to tell from my new chart that the next segment was not going to line up and I am not talking it would not line up by two or three pesky little stitches.  Oh No, when I mess up I go all the way and we are talking closer to an 8 stitch difference.

Cast on 3 seems to have been the charm.

The second Tech issue was actually more tech!  TOB's computer started doing some strange things before the holidays, so while the Monster Man was here he tried to fix them.

His fix...well it wasn't the best fix.

So he tried fixing that, which resulted in my getting a downgrade in computers and him cobbling together some pieces from new ones, some pieces from old ones, and almost rebuilding one for TOB. 

That plan worked for half a minute.  But by the time the thirty seconds was done, the Monster Man had gone back to the west coast and I was left with the non-functional computer and a very upset teen boy.  We got it working again, sort of, and complained to the monster man, who came up with a third fix...yet another new computer, unfortunately this one included Windows 10**.  The plan being that this weekend we would figure out how to save all TOB's  settings, programs and files and put them on the new computer when both the monster man and I had time to deal with it.

That plan worked until this very morning when TOB woke up to a very fancy, black and shiny, flashing lights all around the case....brick. 

What is worse in my mind, is that case used to be mine, with all its inputs on the front of the computer, fancy card reader for my photo's, extra usb ports so that I can charge my phone, my phone emergency charger or save/read/write patterns to a usb drive, my fancy recessed top that worked so well for holding things like headphones, or bobby pins, or heck even double pointed needles.  And now it is a doorstop.  :(

But enough complaining.  I tell my kids that happiness is more about what you bring to the day than what happens to you.  It is all in perspective.

That half empty glass in front of me, is actually full.  (Right now, half full of a very nice, dry red and the other half with air.)

On a more productive note, I finished my No Name Stranded Socks.

I really need a name for this gals. (Actually they would work just as well for the guys, or so my boys tell me.)  If you have an idea leave it in the comments!

The self challenge was three fold...create a relatively simple, yet interesting knit using the stranded method, write the pattern as I went and use up some scraps from my scrap basket.

The pattern needs some finishing touches, including some better pictures, but overall I would call that challenge satisfied!


*Frog Pond - a place where knitters "Rip-it, Rip-it" and sound like frogs.
** Windows 10 and I do not get along.  If I wanted an Apple Product I would use a Mac.  Windows is to much like my ipod and phone for me to be happy with it as a desktop, especially if the screen I am using is not a touch screen!

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