Sunday, September 28, 2014

As it isn't Wool Gathering Yarn it doesn't count as cheating, right?

Last week I said that I was not going to cast on a project with any of my haul from Wool Gathering until I had at least one of the sweaters I am working on off the needles.  Technically I stuck to my word....

Do you remember late last year and earlier this year when the people who Knit Along with Andrea Jurgrau (aka BadCat Designs) were working on Infinity Scarves?  I faithfully used up yarn I had in my stash to complete the projects.

I knit the necklaces.

Some Lichens.

A couple of Martiniques.

The Phi Cowl was the latest addition, and I have one of those. and the yarns for the second because it is just so much fun to knit!

But all this time I have only had one Kelpie.

To make matters worse, during the knitalong, one of the knitters used a yarn that I had looked at and thought was pretty, but then wasn't as impressed with the projects I saw made from it.  But then I saw hers and I knew I had to have one just like it.

Unfortunately, there was no yarn budget right then to pick up a skein and knit away, so I cried about it to a friend a little bit and moved on.

Right until the mail man delivered a skein of that very yarn!

The friend has asked a couple of times how the knitting was progressing, and truth be told, I for some reason find this particular pattern stitch to be the hardest of all the Infinity projects.  It seems no matter how hard I try I always end up with the wrong number of stitches and the pattern just not lining up either side of the equator unless I cast on with stitch markers.  (I love how cute stitch markers are, but really except for beginning of round markers I really don't like using them in my knitting!)

Three  failed attempts to cast on without them and I dug through my supplies to find them again. Just like the last time I knit this pattern I had to use them, but as I soon as I did everything fell into place and I have the starts of a beautiful infinity scarf!

As it is not Wool Gathering yarn, technically I did not break my word...and as I finished the body portion of the red sweater, briefly it had no needles in it, so that means in two ways, technically, I obeyed my own rules!

The Kelpie Scarf is going into the car, in the hopes I will get a lunch break and some knitting time, I am back to the Red Sweater, hood next I think then the doldrums that are sleeves!


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