Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nothing of my own to show you

It has been another crazy week at Chez Yarn Diet.

The plan had been that there would be one late night, the rest of the week would be whatever our new normal has settled into....didn't work out that way! Several late nights later we hit Friday and I was even later than ever.

Most nights I have come home, thrown various foods together and called them dinner.  Then stumbled around the house doing a few chores before falling asleep and starting the whole process over again.

I have knit something on the order or 20 rows of TFB's Hoodie and about the same number on my grey 8 Days a Week, so nothing of my own knitting is worth showing you.


Andrea of Bad Cat Designs has handled her stresses much better than I have and has a new knitalong, two patterns and a video to share!

Want a sneak peak?

You can join the fun on Ravelry or Yahoo Groups.  I think that even I, with my crazy, busy schedule, will be able to at least knit a doily!


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