Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gray and Brown

Over the past few weeks the Yarn Harlot has blogged about how knitting in nice, bright, cheery colors helps to offset the grey and white world that we seem to be living in right now. Grey skies, white snow, grey slush on the roads, mounds of white stuff with salt, garbage, dirt showing through to make things really ugly in the mundane world.

Pity I didn't listen to her, all my knitting this week is shades of grey and brown!

This week the group files for the Infinity Knitalong included all the final instructions for the Fractal Blanket.  After sewing my 12 squares together I picked up the loops all the way around and started in on Border One.  As I didn't knit as many squares, and as I knew that Andrea actually used very little of her contrast color, I knew going into it that I would be making my border deeper than hers, my plan is to knit as long as the yarn holds out and then kick myself because there will be miles of edging to go beyond that....

But in the meantime I read through the rest of the instructions and realized that next I will have to do some fudging.  The edging is a multiple of 10 rows, so any multiple of ten stitches per side of the blanket will work, my problem is I went with both an odd and an even number of squares (3 which is odd, by 4 which is even) and that means I will never have a multiple of 10 on both the long and the short sides at the same time!

Friday was Valentine's Day, and I made out like a bandit!  Which is even nicer as I didn't expect to get so much as a card from anyone! I didn't even get it all photo'd for the blog, there was another box of truffles that seems to have disappeared somewhere between Friday and today!


TOB wanted to show you all his yarn stash too.  At least it will be easy to tell apart from mine!

I have many more rows of Border One to knit, so I am off...with this view out my window knitting is the only sensible thing to do during my bank holiday!


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