Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Best compliments ever- not at all about knitting

Over the past few weeks things have been disjointed and crazy in my real world...but even when things are dark and desperate there are those people who really lift you up and make you feel that the things  you do are worth it somewhere in the greater scheme of things.

Over the past few weeks I have received a few of the highest compliments I have ever heard and they have really touched my heart.

Do me a favor.  If you feel this way about someone let them know.  You never know when they might be feeling like they don't make a difference, that when they are struggling to balance the real world and their work world, or put aside things they want to do to help someone else out,  that no-one notices what they do and by saying something you might make them feel as wonderful as these couple of thoughts made me feel.

The first was when I asked someone what success to them would look like and the answer was...You.  You are well respected and make a difference to so many people each day.  You make it look so easy to lend a helping hand, educate or just listen.  You are my definition of success.

The second.....was about coaching an employee and the answer to a question was "I know I could be so much more successful due to your leadership.  You care about me as a person and then tie that to the business need rather than just telling what is in it for the company.  You are more about the people and helping them achieve than just the numbers, but somehow by caring about the people you bring us to the numbers and everyone wins."

The stress I have been going through the past few weeks is actually all caused by multiple people feeling that way about me. I was handed a tremendous challenge, and it is certainly stretching me, but if people really feel that I make a difference, it is worth it.

There are things that people say that stay with us throughout our lives. Some I have been trying to overcome for years are witnessing my mother tell my children that I was the "dumbest" of her children, and  hearing my father say that my younger sister was "prettier than Snow White" and that I was just plain old me and not cut out to become much of anything...Maybe, just maybe, if I try really hard to believe it, what was said in those heartfelt compliments will actually make my existence worthwhile.   I hope so anyway.


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