Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where did the rest of last week go?

In the real world, weeks are seven days long, always have been (at least in my lifetime) always will be (I am pretty sure anyway!).  So why is it that when I look at my Things to Get Done This Week list for last week next to nothing on it is done?

Some of it, I am sure, was trying to adapt to a new schedule, which we thought we had pretty tightly figured out and then more real life stuff got in the way and now I get text messages along the lines of "I got off an hour ago, are you coming to get me soon?" usually followed up some time later  with "Please tell me you are on your way!"

Which means the schedule isn't working now and I am not quite sure how to get it fixed in a hurry - slowly I can get it fixed, but getting other people to hurry up and do their jobs right the first time is a bit of an issue.  It also means that dinner has been late every night, which puts my sanity saving on hold until nearly bedtime! (That would be knitting, in case you didn't know!)

Long way around of saying, not a lot of new knitting to show.

I have some that looks very familiar, in fact it has felt very familiar to be knitting it.

Oh, that's right, the boy grew between my doing the math and casting on for his sweater, so I had to start over with new numbers!

At least I am further along than I was when I had to stop the first time through on it.

And I might have thrown caution to the wind and rather than cast on another boys sweater cast on one for myself.  Very appropriately named 8 days a Week, it is a top down, seamless, set in sleeve, cowl neck sweater just perfect for wearing with jeans or a suit.
Truth be told it is the second start on this one too, the first time I tried some Wool from my stash, but it was too itchy even for me!  This time around I am using some Merino, which is ever so much softer.

We had planned on going to Wool Gathering next week, not sure that is still going to be possible with the schedule we have going.  I know the pack mules want to try and get there but it will all depend on how this week goes!

I'll let you know if we make it there!


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