Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gathering Wool, Silk, Copper, Yak, Bison

After a week that just wouldn't slow down enough for me to catch my breath for even a minute, we did actually make it to Wool Gathering!

I needed the fun trip, not thinking about work, or household chores or even what to have for dinner. (This weeks menu is short one meal, got any suggestions?  I am clean out of ideas!)

As usual, we toured the tents once, picking out ideas of what I would like to buy.(I save all year for this event, stashing nickles and dimes in a savings account and then taking them out of the bank as dollars when the time is right.)  Some things I knew before we left home I wanted, just a matter of picking colors.  Some things were spur of the moment decisions.  But the entire plan for the day was to shop til my money ran out and feel no regrets for what I bought.

It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, not too cold, not raining, and although we ended up parking a little bit of a walk across the road and down a field it was all good until I went to make my first purchase and had no money in my pocket! (When I got the cash I was in my work clothes, smart lady that I am at times rather than put the money in my pocket I put it in the glove box of the car...where it was still sitting!) We took the walk back to the car, got the cash and walked back up the field, across the street, past the batting cages, slippery slide and vendor parking to get back to the tents.

First purchase was some kettle dyed purple superwash.
The lady that dyed it was a newcomer to being a vendor at Wool Gathering, and she was very interested in what I was planning to make (not sure yet, this was an impulse buy) and in asking for finished object photo's. I am sure it will end up being something for TDQ, those are her colors, but if you have pattern suggestions leave me a comment.  It is 745 yards of sport weight yarn.

Next up was the Fiber Optic booth.
I had been eyeing the PaintBox sets last year, but didn't buy any, this year I helped myself to two!  Both in the same gradient of Espresso-Crimson-Gold.
  I see a shawl for a certain KAL in those colors in my future!

Having had so much fun knitting the PhiCowl in copper and laceweight merino, when I saw more of the Habu Copper/Bamboo yarn I had to get some to try it in a different colorway.
When I was paying for that the Grignasco Knits MerinoSilk jumped into my hands all by itself.  (It is even worse than you think, I didn't get pictures of the set I gifted to a friend that I met up with long enough to say Hi and Goodbye to.  She has been going through a difficult pregnancy so I picked her up some as once the knitting is started you really don't have to think to hard about it and everyone deserves something really pretty to make their day.)

The Unicorn Tails were just so cute I couldn't pass them up!
Not quite sure what I will do with them, but I am sure that something will come to mind.  I don't know this for sure, but I think it is a very clever way of packaging and selling those ends of yarn that aren't quite enough to make up a full skein and there are so many patterns in the world that either lend themselves to stripes, or require just a few yards of a different color, that many knitters will pick them up for that alone!

I stopped by the Knitted to a T Booth long enough to pick up two skeins of Heavenly, which is Bison and Merino in fingering weight. 
200 yards of Purple People Eater and Bare Naked will either make some fingerless gloves or little neck warmers for me and TDQ for the winter.

Luxury Sock, is handwritten on the bands for this yarn, and it does not lie! It is a blend of Alpaca, Silk, Yak, Camel, Cashmere and Nylon. It is so soft. and decadent to the hands! This was another impulse buy, so no idea what it will grow up to be.
  (Yes, I know there are two skeins there, a third was already gifted and there is a plan for the second, but you know, itsasecret.)

At this point, I was nearly out of spending money, but I held aside enough for just a few last second purchases.

We all love the soap, so a few bars made their way home with us, and no trip to Youngs Dairy would be complete without cheese and ice cream!
(Sorry, no photo's of the ice cream, but I will tell you that two giant scoops each along with deep fried cheese curds made us all glad that we eat healthy* most of the time!  Ice Cream for dinner may get me thrown out of the Mom Union though so don't tell anyone!)

Now the question is, with all the craziness in my life, will I actually get to knit with this bounty?

Of course I will, but first I need to do some more work on these and get them off my needles!

Today was spent cleaning house, and all the chores I avoided doing yesterday while Wool Gathering.  So far, but only barely, I have restrained from casting on anything new.  Let's see if I can hold onto the thoughts of finishing one of those two sweaters before giving in to the urge!

*We call it 10%.  Ninety percent of the time we eat very healthy, lots of fresh fruits, veggies, organic, wholesome food. Ten percent of the time we throw caution to the wind and eat whatever we feel like.  Truth be told our 10% days are few and far between, but calling them 2% or 1% days seems rather limiting.  Anyone who has ever been on a diet will tell you, there is nothing you want so much as those things you can't for us, nothing is ever truly on the "you can't have it" list.  It might be on the "you can't have it today" list, but if you truly want to have Sea Salt Caramel and Black Walnut Ice Cream in a giant waffle cone with sprinkles and chocolate, you can.  :)

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