Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wagon, what wagon?

Right after Christmas I went on my latest yarn diet.  Having cleaned out the stash room to dig out some not stash things that were hidden in there right before the holidays I realized that it was a little tiny bit out of control.

Yes, just a little tiny bit.

Nothing that some extra baskets and containers couldn't handle.

Or giving away a ton of books to create space on bookshelves for yarn.

Or maybe a rather large knitting jag!

I was doing really well until TOB knit this for his sister for her birthday.

He had knit two for teacher gifts during the holidays (one escaped without being photo'd ) so he found that knitting a third one for TDQ was a quick, yet thoughtful, gift.  We like those around these parts!

All was well until he asked for another ball of yarn.  Now that exceptionally large stash that I have in the stash room runs from acrylic to cashmere in a rainbow of colors, but the one thing it doesn't usually contain a lot of is funky yarn!

There isn't any more in my stash and he isn't ready to take the plunge to regular knitting yarn that takes more than a few hours to knit a scarf with.

So what is a mother to do?

Yeah, some more stash enhancement will be heading my way shortly.  I ordered online as the roads are awful today, weren't all that great yesterday and I work some really long hours this coming week.

Having shown you TOB's finished object for the week, would you like to see some of mine?

My second Lichen is finished.  No beads this time, it was my traveling knitting and when I hit the row where the beads were supposed to go I didn't have them with me, so I just kept on knitting.  This is knit in ShaSha from Land O Lace.

The third pattern shared with the group is Kelpie.

I named my project, Blood Thirsty Kelpie, knit out of Knitted to a T's sock yarn in the colorway HeartThrob it is a more dramatic piece than I would usually wear and not in TDQ's favorite color (her favorite saying right now is "Everything purple is mine, everything else can be painted or dyed.) so it might make its way into my gifting box.

Today we got the start of the next project files.  This time for a Fractal Blanket, that can also be knit as a stole.  Like the Summer Squares pieces this is a modular knit, so I can make it as big or as small as I like and by using different numbers of squares and different yarns, yet again, Andrea has created a project that I can go back to a hundred times and still never really knit the same thing twice.
Guess I have a few more of these to knit though!


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