Sunday, January 5, 2014

To Inifinty and Beyond

Buzz Lightyear may be famous for his catch phrase of "To Inifinty, and Beyond!" in the Toy Story Movies, but he has nothing on a certain Bad Cat and her knitting patterns.  The first of the project files was loaded for the New Year and many crafting hands started manipulating yarn to make necklaces.

I, being easily amused, find the cast on and knitting of a moebious strip to be fascinating. There you are knitting along and suddenly you are back where you started but inside out and upside down and your knits are suddenly looking like purls!

I also really enjoy that these are called necklaces, because really they are lace that you wear around your neck and if I ever get mine back from TDQ I might have to try one on!

I knit two, both in ColourMart Yarns that I had on hand.  The Yarn Diet is back on now that we are in a new year and new month. 

But I digress, both of these ColourMart yarns have a cotton content, the creamy one is linen and cotton with just a touch of cashmere, the darker one being a cotton/cashmere blend that was part of the scrap set I bought for the scrap set challenge a couple of years ago and ended up not completing.

TDQ declared them a success but wants one that is longer so she can wrap it around her neck doubled, with more of a halo to the yarn. She also says to make sure you watch these videos, because it is fun watching a girl geek out about math concepts!

In other knitting news, check out this upcoming book release on, I hope they post a Look Inside feature soon!


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