Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year's Roundup

Usually around Chez Yarn Diet, in the days leading into the New Year I ask (force) the kids to clean up their stuff, get charity giving together and find homes for all the presents they got over Christmas.

This year there wasn't as much to find homes for (thank goodness) although they did seem to get a lot of electronic type gifts.  The quote of the day on Christmas was "I went from having 21 items on my wish list to 7."  followed just a few hours later with "But, there are still seven things in my wish list you can get me tomorrow!"  Luckily for the child in question he was joking about getting the other seven any time soon!

The clothes and things that had been sorted out early in the month went out on December 30th and were promptly picked up by a charity.  I hope the pick up guy had eaten a good, fortifying breakfast that day, two boxes of books were in the load for him, and they were not light!

New Year's Eve found us all crammed on the sofa, with popcorn for some and knitting in my hands, watching movies and listening to the fools who felt they needed to discharge their firearms at the stroke of midnight, and later for those who couldn't tell time!

According to Ravelry, if you count all the washcloths individually I completed 89 projects in 2013, but still have 6 things that I started and either didn't finish or didn't frog when I should have!  But Ravelry isn't always the whole story where my knitting is concerned, there are secret projects that haven't made an appearance either on my blog or there yet. So we will call the number closer to 95 items completed, and while some of them were small, like wash cloths, others were big, like sweaters and shawls!

Today, the first day of the New Year is usually a day of running around, finishing up what we didn't before the New Year to get us started off right.  This year was spent quietly talking about the things we would like to accomplish this year. (Serous things like picking a college for TDQ and funny things like getting video game achievements for TOB.) Followed by just relaxing, me of course with knitting needles in hand!
My wishes for myself in 2014 actually pretty much mirror the ones I usually have, help the kids become more self sufficient (after all I do hope they move out some day, maybe not soon, but some day) and learn some new things.

I made a pretty good start on the learning new things already.  Andrea of Bad Cat Designs has started our New Year's Knit Along with a Novel Way to cast on for a moebious necklace.

See, already 2014 is off to a good start!

I hope it starts and continues well at your house.  Happy New Year!

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