Sunday, January 19, 2014

I wish I had infinite time for my infinity knitting!

Don't you wish you had infinite time, to do whatever it is that you want?  As long as you need to prepare for things, as much sleep as you can possibly get, as much knitting time as you could ever dream of!

Me too!

But, alas, we all have other things tugging on our time.  Pulling us in different directions, sometimes, than the ones we want to go in.  Stopping us from getting to spend all our time on things we desire to spend time on and instead making us do those things we have to do.

I had hoped to have a couple of finished objects for you today, but those things that I have to do kept pulling me away from the things I wanted to do, so I have an in progress shot and a completed shot for you.

The latest in the Infinity Projects from Andrea, of Bad Cat Designs is called Lichen. (side note, I don't now how she gets so creative with the names of her projects, but for many of her patterns she will tell you about the name and why that particular word, or phrase is important to her, which I, in my knitting geeky kinda way, think is really cool!)  Andrea explains that Lichen's are symbiotic, used in dyes, medications and perfumes, come in many different earthy colors and are long living but vulnerable to their environment.  Further research showed me that they can be used as emergency food supplies (but be careful, they contain toxins) and can survive, unprotected in space.  (Now that is truly impressive.)

My first Lichen is in a varigated sock yarn in blue tones. (Yes, they come in blues, purples too!)  with clear ab beads on the final pattern row.

My second is in ShaSha from Land O Lace in the discontinued colorway of Maplewood, this is the one I hoped to finish, but maybe tomorrow while I am waiting for TFB to get his braces adjusted I will finish off those final few rows!

TDQ wants you to know that the Red Thing is now hers, never to be in my hands again, and the Yellow piece is beautiful but I can keep that one.  Maybe instead of The Drama Queen we should call her the Spoiler Queen.

For those of you who are a part of the Infinity Knit Along, practice your center starts and post pictures of your Lichen's.  I already have coveted a few (could be why I have two!) but I am sure that more of you have some fabulous colorways I haven't drooled over yet.


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