Sunday, January 12, 2014

Well, What About...???

Today is Sunday, the day I usually find something to put on the blog just to let people know I am still alive and knitting.  Today I was in a bit of a dither about it though.  Not that there hasn't been any knitting going on, there has, but....

The conversation with TDQ went like this.

"I don't know what to blog about this week." yeah, that would be me.

"What about the yellow thing, it is starting to look like something." - and that would be TDQ.

Me, sadly shaking my head, "Nope, can't talk about that one."

"Oh," scrunching her lips all to one side and frowning. "Then what about the red one?"

Me, again, sadly shaking my head. "That one too."

"Oh, that's a problem isn't it, they are what you have been working on all week." Again she scrunches up her lips and frowns. "You could tell everyone about how the cat dumped my entire bead collection all over the floor and we have been trying to sort them out for ages now......." she pauses dramatically, "No, you better not talk about that, I don't want your blog readers to think I am dumb, leaving my beads on my bed like that."

So instead, we will talk about my lack of progress on the other things I should be knitting!

My Peridot Shawl, out of Lara's Creations Angel's Kiss (and I can't say enough good things about how that yarn feels in my hands!) is growing, but very slowly.  I wanted something that was more than a triangle, and showcased the halo of the yarn before hitting a fancy lace edge.  I started out just kind of winging what I wanted and then started looking for a lace border that would fit my stitch count.  After much deliberation I think I am going to steal the fancy lace edge from a shawl called Tiong Bahru.  The shaping of mine is a little bit different, so I will have to make a couple of adjustments to get to the right stitch count before adding the lace, but yarn is pretty forgiving where a stitch or three are concerned.  I think I spent more time figuring out what lace to add than actually knitting on it, so not much difference from the last time you saw her.

So that I will actually have something to talk about next week I did cast on for Lichen, the next project in the Infinity series from Bad Cat Designs. (Of course if you didn't join up yet, you still can, there are several more patterns to least that is what a little bird told me, and they get better and better as we go!)

This time I am knitting with a yarn from another of my favorite independent dyers.  Bev at Land O Lace makes some beautiful Just About's in lace and fingering weight yarns.  This one is Sha Sha (they are all named for nieces and special people in her life) and I have barely cast on but can already tell that I am going to love the subtle shading in my moebious!

Have a great knitting week.  Hopefully by this time next week I will have something more than cast on's to show you!


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