Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I did before Summer Vacation

  Ah hah!  I finally got some pictures to upload.

Unfortunately that meant completely updating how I post, so who knows that kinds of fonts we will see appearing at Chez YarnDiet!

First up we have the pictures I was trying so desperately to upload over the weekend.  Chart 7 of Back to the Garden, including "man this looks like a market bag" shot.

It is covering quite a large section of my dining table and is not at all stretched out in this pictures!

But there is something even more exciting that I need to show you.  Something that actually I completed quite a long time ago, before my hands were rebelling quite so much!

 Presenting Back to the Garden, aka Primrose Garden.

Stats :  Back to the Garden Shawl by BadCat Designs
Yarn:  2/28 Colourmart Merino in (you guessed it!) Primrose
Needles : 1.5 (US) or 2.5 mm
Mods:  None, nope, zippo, and zilch..this was the test knit version and involved lots of discussion about stitches not looking like they were lining up and unless you count mistakes (on my part not the designers) as mods there are none here.

Want a closer look?

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Amanda said...

Stunning! I'm in awe of your skills.