Sunday, August 14, 2011

Was anything accomplished this week?

Not much to talk about in the way of accomplishments this week at Chez YarnDiet. No finished objects to brag about, everything I am working on is in the "long haul" of the middles or edging. No canning or putting up to talk about. In short it looks like nothing much got done around here.

Well unless you count the long haul of the middles and edging that is!

I started the second cone of my yarn on my Back to the Garden circular shawl in this chart.
Looks like a giant market bag in this shot, how's about a close up?
I am still not 100% convinced I have enough yarn to get through all 8 charts, but by gum I am going to give it a shot! I weighed the second cone before I started on row 151 of Chart 6 and I had (including the cone) 186 grams to play with, at the end of the chart I had 157 grams left. Call it 30 grams for chart 6, I wonder how many for Chart 7??? I think I will try racing the yarn to the end of Chart 8. It is really hard knitting with your fingers crossed but that is what I am trying to do with this one, cross my fingers that there will be enough yarn to finish it up and then that I can find a space large enough to block her in!

My baby blanket through time project is slowly creeping along too. This is my lunch time knitting and the rows are getting longer so it is harder to even get through one on my abbreviated lunches.
I am on my third repeat of the pattern stitch with nupps, I only wanted three so it is time to think about edging. As luck would have it someone else has a shawl pattern that uses nupps in fan shapes so I might just steal hers. There are only so many ways you can combine knits, purls, decreases, yarn overs and nupps so her pattern actually looks (on first glance) almost exactly like mine, change the triangle to a square and substitute her beginning motiffs with some from Metamorphosis and you have a ready made pattern of what I did!

You wanted to see that one closer too?

TDQ's blanket is no further than it was and I am still debating stitch patterns for The First Brother's blanket. Jeri, I agree with you, that pattern in my new "stitchionary" is fabulous! I am just not sure it is the right one to adapt for this blanket, but maybe a sweater, or a pair of socks....hmm maybe I need to go swatch.


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Amanda said...

Even unblocked your knitting looks fabulous!