Wednesday, August 31, 2011


They say that things come in threes....

Last week you heard of my lawn mower woes.  That would be one.

This week the hard drive on my computer has failed, and silly me, I backed up the kids computers just a little while ago, mine...well let's just say the patterns lost are replacable, the pictures not so much!

That would be two.

I am hoping that number three was the broken sofa in the basement..."mom the sofa doesn't feel right."  I suspected that bouncing was the culprit and that the leg had broken off (again) but no, this time the entire frame work is so much wood kindling.

I will return when I have a computer that works, right now I have a child telling me that this one is theirs!

My one consolation in what will seem like a blink of an eye it will be over with.


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Amanda said...

Hang in there, as the Chinese saying goes: this too will pass.