Sunday, August 28, 2011

If you are looking for knitting pictures you might as well move along...

I had one of those very rare things called a weekend off the past two days.  I had all these plans of how to fill the two days, including dragging the kids off to a festival and getting a ton of knitting done.

Well we all know what happens when you have "the best laid plans..."  The weekend turned into a whirlwind of searching out missing school supplies, we finally found the "right" calculator, and clothing that fits two boys that seem to have decided to do all of their growing right now! The First Twin somehow woke up on Friday morning taller than I am! Not to mention finally giving up on fixing my lawn mower and hunting out a new one of those.

If only the greeter at Home Depot had not been so helpful, I might have scored some plants and building materials while I was there, but before I knew it not only was the lawn mower paid for, but he had loaded it into the back of my mini-van for me.  Which is probably a good thing, because......

Sunday, once that cordless mower was charged up and ready to go, I had to tackle the jungle that was my lawn!  Cordless, electric mowers have lots of advantages over both gas and corded mowers.  No fumes, no messing with a gas can, no struggling to start the thing, no cord dance, no tangled cords or cord wrapped trees, and the one I got has an easy to remove the price of being about 100 lbs of weight to push up and over the hills that are my back yard.

You would think that hard work would leave me sitting and knitting the rest of the day, wouldn't you?

Well, a funny thing happened on the way home from school supply and mower shopping....I might have accidentally picked up enough fruits to make..

Pear and Currant Chutney.  I improvised this recipe, maybe a bit heavier on the cayenne pepper than the kids will like, but I had to start somewhere, right?


Kiwi and Pear Jam.

I have plums too for Plum Jam, but ran out of time before I needed the stove to make dinner.

And now that the dishes are done and the house is tidied up, I am going to sit down and knit!


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Amanda said...

Can I come and visit for a taste? I'll even help mow the lawn.