Sunday, September 4, 2011


I think I needed some silence, the powers that be helped that by giving me lots of hours without the noise of computers, tv's, radio's, stereos...the microwave, the dishwasher.......  I got darkness too, just to annoy me and stop me from working on my Back to the Garden Stadium Blanket.  It is ever so helpful to see what you are knitting when you are working in lace.
  Luckily I only had a few rows of my baby blanket to do and the last two rows are dead simple, I could work them with my eyes shut, or in this case, in the dark.

I am not talking about my computer issues or the fact that I had to buy not one, but two new systems!
Instead, after wasting a day messing with that....I blocked the baby blanket.
Not too shabby for a "let's wing this" pattern!
And why yes, that does appear to be a fingerprint on the lens of my camera....someone has some explaining to do!


Maria said...

Absolutely stunning

Amanda said...

You are a clever girl. That looks gorgeous.

Land O Lace said...

Excellent Mary - do share the pattern with us! And I am amazed at the size of the BTTG full circle!