Friday, June 3, 2011

Let the Magic Begin

The final installment of the Summer Mystery Shawlette on Wendy Knit's blog was published yesterday. A nice short clue, with rows that decreased down to a total of 7 stitches before binding off!
Doesn't look like much does it?

But, let me tell you, here is where the magic begins.

Take that scrounged up piece of knitting and add some...
Water and a few......
Pins and that piece of scribble ends up looking more like :
That would be a shawlette, my friends! Just the perfect size to wrap around just your neck and shoulders and I am sure it is destined like many others to be hidden in TDQ's room and only seen in passing as she heads off to meet the school bus.

Want to see some details?
Pattern : Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Knits aka Wendy D Johnson
Yarn : Land O Lace Steffi in Andover, this is one of the varigated colors, but as you can see it has a pretty subtle color change and looks great in lace. Why yes, this is one of my favorite sock yarns!
Needles : US size 4 (pattern calls for a 5 but my gauge is shot to heck and back right now, look at the size of those yarn overs, bigger needles would not have been a good thing!)
Mods : changed all the left leaning double decreases to centered double vertical decreases, just because I like the symmetry.

One more look before I move on to other things...
Ok, ready for other things?

It is nearly time, it is nearly time! Bad Cat Designs has announced the Summer 2011 project and you can find details and sign up here! Now really, some of you have been absent for a knit along or two, and you know who you are! Won't you join me in another one of Andrea's summer adventures???????


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Amanda said...

Love that shawl! And the colour is superb. I'm back in the land of knitting so I'm off to check out the KAL.