Thursday, June 30, 2011

In which hardly anything got done

I have had a busy couple of days, running hither and yon, parking in green garages and yellow garages and following the hardwood floor to the green elevators and going down to the basement. Waiting around occurred too, but none of it was good productive knitting time! I had a plan to take a blanket with me to work on, but TDQ's is too big to be portable, Baby Blanket Through Time #1 has hit the point where I really want to pick another lace stitch but need to figure out what that will be before I can knit on it, the scarf for the new knit along has beads and one thing I know is that beads stop portability in its tracks!

So not a lot got accomplished while I was hanging out in waiting rooms!

This is where I am on the baby blanket. Ignore the wonky stitches, the yarn still has a lot of machine oil on it as I am knitting directly from the cone, which makes the fibers stick to themselves. A nice hot, soapy bath, and those stitches will even right out.

I am making this one up as I go along, stealing stitch patterns from other projects and books as I knit.Some cluster stitches made an appearance in the last section. I think I want nupps in the next one.
Yard work should have been done, but wasn't.There are a lot more red currants on the other plants that need picked and eaten but I used the time and energy I had mowing the lawn and transplanting toads....there are thousands of little toads living in the grass and each time I moved the mower I saw one and I just couldn't run over the little things, I had to stop and catch them, then move them somewhere else. (Of course when I got out there with a camera there was not a toad to be found!)Lilys are nearly ready to pop open! I can't wait to smell them, some of my favorites are planted in my yard.

I leave you with a little peak at my Elm Leaf Scarf from Back to the Garden knit in some of Land O Lace's silk yarn I sampled a while ago. Kayla is a wonderful yarn to knit with, you should give her a spin! In case you are wondering that is a Just About's color, Shoreview.

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Amanda said...

The blanket it going to be a treat. Love the look of your scarf. I have managed only 2 repeats so far.