Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In case you missed the winter project

This past winter there was a project of huge proportions hosted by Andrea of Bad Cat Designs and Jeri of Jeri Rigged.

Metamorphosis was described as "transforming your lace knitting" and it lived up to that description. A sweater that started the same way as a shawl...
With a variation that could be a cardigan :
Not to mention a shawl or two (even though I only knit one!)
And then even more variations of the stitch patterns that morph in and out of each other in some truly fascinating ways.
The amount of work that went into creating this project is the truly amazing thing, and now, if you missed out on the knit along you can buy both the pattern and the stitch charts. The pattern itself has sizes ranging from 34 to 60 inches and is a massive 30 pages! The stitch charts include a tutorial for measuring yourself and you knitting to be sure to get that perfect fit we all long for in our knitwear.

With the variety stitches there is no telling how many different ways you can knit this pattern.

There is still time to join the Summer Project. We are still discussing yarn choices and beads, although a couple of the smaller side projects went up last weekend the main project charts won't got up until the July 4th Holiday Weekend...the American Knitters will get an extra day to play with their yarn and needles before heading back to work on Tuesday.


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Amanda said...

I have statred on the Elm scarf but still haven't knitted a swatch. Old habits die hard!