Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to the Garden

Summer officially started on Tuesday, and if you have knit along with Andrea you will know that the start of summer is usually the start of something special in the knitting world.

This year the project is titled Back to the Garden and includes a large piece (a shawl) some smaller ones (a scarf, a stole and maybe socks or mitts or even socks and mitts). It officially started with a swatch.

Andrea's pattern for the large piece is designed for a 2/28 nm yarn. Laceweight, moderately thin yarn that produces a light and airy fabric even with moderately small needles.


As the name of the project is Back to the Garden, and the name of this knitter is Mary, I think I will change things up a bit.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
Someone is going to have to help me come up with wording for the rest before the piece is finished! My unblocked 2/15 nm swatch is above. Rather than the delicate size 2 needles that Andrea uses, I am using giant logs of size 6 needles.

So far it looks like going up to twice (or thereabouts) the thickness of yarn and several times the diameter needles I am getting a piece that is just about twice the size of hers.
I might end up with another bedspread!*


*But only if I make the full circle piece, would look very silly as a semi circle.

PS THERE IS STILL TIME TO JOIN head over to Bad Cat Designs and check it out!

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Amanda said...

Semi circle = half a table cloth? Love the look of your yarn. Still need to do my swatch.