Thursday, August 12, 2010

Among other things...

Among other things, a cautionary tale.

There are many things in this life that you can learn as an adult. Many people take up knitting as a hobby well after college days are behind them, and although hard learning a second or even third language is possible. Learning is part of growing (not necessarily growing up) and part of staying young is creating new neural pathways and connections.

There are many things in this life that you probably shouldn't try for the first time as an adult. things like learning to walk, with all the inevitable tumbles on your behind, or the splits when your tendons and muscles have lost some of their youthful stretch. Many childhood diseases are much more dangerous in adults, the mumps and measles to name but two.

And then there are the not so deadly but purely painful ailments, of which I apparently felt compelled to try just one. And that, my friends is the cautionary tale...Let me be the first to caution you against trying this!

Do not, and I repeat that in my sternest voice, DO NOT try getting so much as a single ear infection for the first time as a grownup. But if you should feel compelled to do so, please do not, and again I repeat in that stern voice, DO NOT get double ear infections in BOTH ears when you are well beyond high school!

A simple ailment that children seem to bounce back from in "no time" brought me to my knees for days! It was so bad I couldn't even knit.

I'll let you digest that for a moment.




Thankfully, the antibiotics or time did their work and I feel much better now. Better enough that I have picked up my needles again, even if I am messing up the most simple instructions in new and unusual ways and so have nothing to show you. But, now that I have some sticks and string in hand I think that I might have found the will to live again!

This arriving might have helped a bit!
Land O Lace yarn in lace and fingering weights. A care package of the best kind.

It is funny, once these skeins of yarn are knit into projects I will probably give them away as presents without a hesitation. Someone will give the socks, or wrap, mitts or tank top a good home and I will move on to the next project.

Until then, while they are still pretty little skeins of fibery goodness I have turned into Gollum. I am sure that my wandering around, with yarn tucked into my arms muttering to myself about "preciouses" and "keeping you forever my beautiful thing" is disturbing to anyone who sees it!

But how could someone not love this :
Or even this:
Through drooling yet?

Before the dreaded ear pains there was other stuff keeping me from my needles and yarn. Over the past few months I have ripped up carpet and laid flooring, installed a new front door :

The door and hallway are straight, it was the photographer that was tilted!

New wallpaper in the living room, though not all the pictures are back on the walls....

And quite a lot of time watching this little guy :

That is the top of my sliding glass door, as seen from the inside, betcha didn't know that I live in a tree! :)
A reflection of the living room along with a tree frog. I think it was this one, but it is hard to tell from the underside.

I am off to try and catch up on some knitting!

What's on your needles?



Annie said...

Ear infection - I feel so sorry for you. I wouldn't even advise a child to get it. One of the worst things I remember from my childhood is that awlful pain, mostly in the night, and my father appearing with the ear drops, that were always far too cold. I still feel it and them...
Hope you're better now and I must add that the yarn is great!

Amanda said...

Ouch no knitting - that must have been bad. But those lovely preciouses will have helped the healing process - drool..... House looks great. (And I am still enjoying the subtropics and making use of an internet opportunity).