Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy Busy

You thought my big home improvement projects were finished for a while, didn't you? Well, you would be a little wrong as the new floor and door just begged for something to be done to the walls as well.

The English in me comes out when it comes to decorating. I am a huge fan of wallpaper! This will be either the third or fourth round of paper on these walls (no, I don't go over each time I strip off the old before putting on the new!) and the first batch I tried fought me tooth and nail. Seams that wouldn't lie flat, air bubbles that appeared from no-where overnight while it I have moved on to take two.

Which is a very long way of saying my knitting time has been shorted the past week or so, again! And I seriously need to finish the home improvements as I have some big projects lined up to take me through the end of summer, and then there will be holiday knits..oh my goodness I need to hurry up with the papering!

But, on to things knitting. :)

Swatch 7 for the Summer Swatch Me Project was posted today, along with it's side project.

There really are two socks, this was taken just before* my camera died and I haven't had a chance to get modeled shots or even ones with decent lighting since. Maybe tomorrow after work TDQ can be convinced to either model or be the photographer. I made the socks to fit me, so they will be a touch large on her. :)

Stats: Reverse Pod Socks from BadCatDesigns, rav link but you have to be part of the Yahoo Group to get the pattern right now. I am sure it will be released for separate purchase later!
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock
Size 1 US needles

It was wonderful to be able to throw open the windows last evening and enjoy some fresher air. I broke down and turned the air back on this afternoon, over 80 degrees while running around doing house work was too much for me!


*I test knit these, so they have been done for a while! :)


Amanda said...

Those socks look great! And if I could I would send you a great dollop of time for all those home decorations!

Dr Eric Berg said...

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Mary said... says :
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Although I actually think you were spamming me, Dr Eric Berg,number 6 is the answer of how yarn and knitting can be a diet!