Monday, August 16, 2010

Swatching Swatching

One of the best things, actually some of the best things, about the Summer Swatch Me project is that along with the sampler there are a bevy of other things to knit.

This week sees more mitts added to the mix and I actually have a pair of these ones to show you, unlike the single solitary fountain mitt that is teasing me from the hutch of my computer desk.
The Drama Queen reluctantly agreed to model, even though she said that I should buy her a good acoustic or electric guitar so she could look like BadKitten! (Andrea needs a new nickname for that beautiful young lady, she doesn't look Bad to either me or TDQ!)
The yarn is Kabob from one of my favorite drug, I mean yarn, dealers Land O Lace.
Size 1 needles and just a few beads on the cuff, make for a form fitting, elegant mitt that I now can't get off TDQ's hands!

In other knitting news....well sorry, that's a secret!


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Amanda said...

Beautiful mitts. I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms because I'm not able to knit my swatches :(