Sunday, August 22, 2010

When you need a hug....

I have mentioned the side projects from the Summer Swatch Me! project a couple of times now, and here is another one. This one I knit with the group, rather than having a sneak peak so it is the stitch pattern from a couple of weeks ago, rather than what will come out today. (As last week was the final stitch pattern from the sampler I would expect pick up instructions and maybe edging along with another side project if I were you.)
TDQ is constantly walking up to the people she loves asking for a hug, so what better thing to knit for her than her very own Champagne Hug, in Plum Crazy???

Stats: Champagne Hug, part of the Summer Swatch Me! Project from BadCat Designs
Yarn : Jade Sapphire 2 ply Mongolian Cashmere in Plum Crazy
Needles : Addi Lace Turbo size 4
Notes: This is more of a recipe than a pattern, from your gauge swatch you determine the number of stitches to cast on and how long to make the hug. Of course it is helpful to have both the model and the photographer facing out of the sun when taking pictures!
In other news, not knitting related, the front door has a new look. As much as I love having windows to let the light in, I don't necessarily want everyone just looking in when ever they feel like it!
I couldn't decide between the "modern art" and the icy flowers, so went with both!

What do you think?


Judy@fab said...

This just looks beautiful, I love the color. I just found out about the swatch me / bad cat project - how many skeins did this take, and do you think it would work in the AngelWing Cashmere Yarn (its Jade sapphires handspun dk weight). Its a little heavier and I am thinking it might be perfect!

Judy Schmitz

Amanda said...

Love that hug! And as for the panes in the door - good thinking going for both because it looks great. (Home on Sunday I need to summer swatch!!!!)