Tuesday, March 30, 2010


In progress photo's of The Gardener, I think I got the hang of casting on for the toes using the magic cast on that Amanda suggested. The first yarn attempt did NOT work out too well for me, so now these socks are being knit in Araucania Ranco Solid in Lime green.

I have been "leap-frogging" these socks, having found that I seem to finish just a little faster (as in not get second sock syndrome) when I am working on a Mystery Sock. So..I knit two toes, on the second toe I moved onto the foot to where the gusset increases begin (did I mention these begin in the middle of the bottom of the foot? Cat Bordhi came up with it!!) then I switched socks and knit from the beginning of the increases to the end, switch again to get as far as the heel and so on and so forth until I got to where I am today.....two feet and one leg.

The vine lace pattern on the front of the leg is really easy to do, a couple of repeats and that chart got lost in the shuffle on my desk, but it is in my brain now so I don't need it!

One leg and some kind of cuff to go! :)



Amanda said...

Great socks and I love those Bordhi increases.

RosalĂ­a said...

Original design. But...I fear spiders!!