Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And that's all there was....

I finally finished my March Mystery Socks from SKA on Ravelry. If you like twisted stitches, delicate lace and micro cables this is the pattern for you! I do, so I think it is a fabulous pattern! I can just about guarantee this pattern will show up on the blog again, both myself and the Drama Queen think it rocks! The cat does too and refused to move out of the way while I was trying to take pictures.


Currently un-named mystery sock pattern,
size 1 (US) needles, worked magic loop to make it portable
Land O Lace Steffi in Pennock, this is a Just Abouts colorway and let me tell you it is well worth your time to check this yarn out. Seriously decadent feeling, while still being easy care for the gal who isn't so hot at sorting laundry!
Made to fit my feet, but unfortunately that means they also fit The Drama Queen so they are apt to be missing from my sock drawer.

Being a fairly concentration intensive project I had to cast on something simple for movie watching!

Standard 72 stitch sock, in 2 by 2 ribbing that spirals (every 6 rows move the stitches one to the left) with a short row heel. Cascade Sassy Stripes and size 1 needles, knit this far while watching Monsters Vs Aliens and the first of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The baby blanket progresses but isn't really photo worthy!


Amanda said...

Love those mystery socks. Definitely top of my list. And the stripey ones look good too.

Land O Lace said...

I need to get my hands on that pattern = all the things I love, twisted sts, lace, socks - lovely, just lovely Mary!