Sunday, February 15, 2009

Answers and Questions

There were some questions in the comments (and via email) that deserve an answer.

1) American Beauty - that gorgeous lavender is Colourmart 2/28 silk (currently out of stock )and knitted on US size 00 needles. I am using size 11 beads from The Drama Queen's bead stash and NO the size 12 crochet hook did not work. For this chart I did the old dental floss trick, and I have a size 14 hook on order. :)

2) The Hemlock Ring Blanket was knit on size 9(US) and 10(US) needles, I went up a size once I hit the feather and fan pattern. The yarn for this one is also from Colourmart. It was a 2/30 cashmere/wool blend that I had wound as a 8/30...the closest I see on their site right now is a 2/28 or a 2/36. They have a camel yarn that is the same NM as what I used - but it isn't what I worked with. I ran out of yarn using one cone (600 yards) well before I would have preferred to stop, so if you are interested in making this I would suggest getting the second cone. :)

3) The snow has finally gone, it was getting to look pretty nasty with road dirt and salt all mixed in.

Now my question to you.......does super-wash merino block well? I went with an acrylic for the baby shawl (that's a blanket you don't want to see dragged on the floor) because I know I can "kill" the acrylic to block it and then it will stay that way forever - even through machine washing. If a super-wash would do the same thing I would just as soon use a "real" fiber. :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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Amanda said...

Thanks for the info. I've blocked machine washable merino. I found a good soak and some hard blocking did the trick.