Monday, January 2, 2017

Turn the Page, but first!

I hope you had a very enjoyable New Year's Eve and Day.

I lazed around the house with good food, decent enough movies, kids and yarn. (All celebrations deserve yarn, don't they?)

The Indie Designers Gift Along was a flurry of activity before the contest threads closed at 11:59 EST, December 31st.  Watching the finished objects and opadoo posts roll in was amazing.  There were some pretty impressive knitters in that group.  Nice people too.  :)  I virtually met several new friends.

stolen wholesale from the stats thread :

"Juicy, Juicy Stats Time!!
Final FO Count: 2,355 (57 more than 2015!)
By Category:
Hats & Head hings: 755 (32%)
Cowls, Scarves, & Other Neck things: 342 (14%)
Hand & Arm things: 230 (10%)
Toys, Home, & Other Misc: 480 (20%)
Kids & Baby things: 155 (7%)
Shawls & Stoles: 168 (7%)
Feet & Leg things: 163 (7%)
Sweaters & Garments: 62 (3%)"

That is a LOT of crafting!

So how did my year end up project wise?  In some ways it is hard to say, between test knits that I can't talk about, upcoming design things that I can't talk about...the actual number of projects isn't really close at hand, but what I do know is how many yards I knit.

You ready?

30,272 yards of yarn passed through my fingers this year, not including swatching or things that got frogged before they got finished.

Which is 17.2 MILES of yarn, or 27.68 kilometers for my Metric Friends.

Counting socks and mitt pairs as single projects, as near as I can calculate I completed 58 projects, so a little more than one a week, and some of those projects were huge!  There was at least one shawl per month, 2 adult sized sweaters, 2 ruana's....

So what happens when I turn the page and look at 2017?

I guess we will all find out together!

Happy New Year!

What do you have planned for 2017?


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