Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Answer my Friend....

So I asked you what happens when you turn the page on the new year, and I struggled with that question for myself.

But, I think I have come up with a suitable answer, at least for myself.  Your mileage may vary.

This year, I am going to knit the things that make my heart sing!

How is that different than any other year?  Well to be honest...not much!  I have always knit what I want, out of what I want, when I want.  But, I have to admit I did fall in to the "what do knitters want" trap a couple of times, at least on the designing side.

But...when I am coaching designers one of the things I always mention is that there are over 6 million crafters on Ravelry.  Every day I run into people who have never heard of Ravelry, but craft.  Even if what you want to make is a one in a million thing, that means 6 other people (just on Ravelry) are looking to make exactly what you are creating and a whole bunch of other people are looking for something that is close enough that they will at least look at the pattern.

Does that mean that I think that everyone should suddenly decide that nupps on their socks are a good idea? 

No, but I did!  So I put some there.

The socks in a specially dyed for me colorway are flying off the needles.

What do you think?

I suspect they will show up on Friday as a finished object!


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