Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There's Something About This Knitter

I have a little secret to tell you.  Do you promise not to tell?

Ok, lean in close and I will whisper it in your ear.

I am not a monogamous knitter.

Are you shocked?  Are you surprised?  Or have you been reading this blog long enough to know that, even if sometimes I only show you one project at a time, there is always lots of stuff jumping on and off needles around here?

Which sometimes means that the things I show you, that don't seem to be moving along as quickly as you would suspect are not the only things being worked on!

For example this yarn that TDQ dyed for me.  (She knows I love a gradient!)

I cast it on and frogged the beginnings of a scarf/cowl/neck thing a couple of times before I settled into the actual pattern.

I am over half way through the yarn now

oh look shiny new yarn, I might have to cast on with that too!

Thank you for all the love that is being shown for my The White Queen's Shawl  I may be a little competitive, according to some people but it is thrilling me no end that I (currently) have the most "favs" of the patterns in this month's issue of Knotions!  The pattern is free to you, the knitter, which makes it an easy pick for your January knitting, especially if you want to spend the money you would usually spend on a pattern on some silk and cashmere yarn!


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