Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Week That Got Away From Me!

Could whoever borrowed a few days from me this past week, kindly return them?  I have no idea how it could possibly be Sunday already!

I know that I fulfilled my obligations of getting people to and from where they needed to go, at least no one has complained yet about not being where they were supposed to be!

Appointments got scheduled and taxes got done, not just once but four different ways, and then when everything was in line with where it worked out best for everyone, they got filed.  I hate dragging my feet on those, especially when I have to calculate things three of four different ways, adding and subtracting dependents.

Meals must have been cooked and eaten.  No-one has starved to death.  Although TOB will tell you that even when I have just returned from giving our life savings to the grocery store there is no food in the house, just ingredients that can be turned into food.

Laundry has to have been done, daily!  I hate washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes.  Seems like a thankless job to me, because no matter how much you do, at the end of the day, when I snuggle down under my covers there is yet more to do!  No-one is complaining about a lack of things to wear and the laundry baskets are filled with clean things that just need to go upstairs and get put away.

I can tell by the lack of bills in my inbox and the balance on my checking account that bills must have been paid and apart from the assorted junk that seems to land on my desk, we are not drowning in stuff where it doesn't belong, so the house must have been cleaned at least a little bit.

So tell me, if  I managed to get all those other mundane chores done, why is there so little knitting to show?

This is it...all I have to show you.

My cobweb Annapurna through row 93.  That is most of the way through Chart B and then I will have to decide if I am going to bring my fingering weight version up to this point or just keep going on the cobweb until she is done and backtrack to the fingering.

Oh yes, the other things that happened this week...the second dragon made her way to her new home and was well received.  I was told that I was crazy for knitting it, which I am, but not as crazy as the knitter who got her and has decided to knit her a harness so that she can fly around the kitchen or dining room!  (I, of course, asked for the knitter in question to keep track of what she does, if [when] I make a third for myself I might want to do a similar thing...speaking of which, what do you think of these beads for claws?)

Looking out my window right now, it is snowing again!  I thought we had got off a little too easy on the snow fall this year and as one of those appointments that did get scheduled is for tomorrow I guess I will have to drive through the slushy (hopefully slushy and not icy) roads to the far side of Columbus even though it is  a holiday here. (President's Day)  If I didn't have to go out in it, I would be comfortably parked next to our fireplace, knitting in hand and a seed catalog on my lap.  Dreaming of what we should plant this spring!


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