Sunday, February 7, 2016

Insert Catchy Name Here

In case you hadn't noticed, although I am sure the Ravelry Store Link on the sidebar might give it away, I have been writing patterns from the crazy things that sometimes pop into my head...things like...what would happen if you used just a single increase and a single decrease to create an entire item, or,  what would happen if you looked to other mediums to create a design?  Math of course being the "go to" place for formulas and ideas in that case, but you can come up with some surprising things if you look a little further...Geography anyone?  Maybe Botany - nah that one has been done a lot.

A few months ago, I created myself a template to use to make sure I got all the important stuff that a knitter would need to know actually in the pattern.  A place for pictures, gauge, materials, notes, maybe even a little story of where the design came from.  The pattern obviously needed a spot to be put.

I saved it.  I used it.

Each time I wrote up a pattern, or a brilliant (in my mind at least) idea I would open that template and delete out anything I didn't need, write what I did, insert pictures when I had them and then use that wonderful thing called "save as" and save my new document somewhere else with a different title.

Perfect plan, right?

Well, it is if you actually do the "save as" portion and don't just hit save on the brand new thing you are doing and find that you no longer have a template, and now you have to create it all over again.  Which would be fine, but...well I can't remember how I did half the stuff I did the first time!

I have now, after many more hours of arguing with Word, come up with a new template.  I think I was a little smarter this time around in how I laid things out. (Saving it two different places as a template might help me out as well, the next time I forget that this is the "brand new idea" and to hit "save as" rather than just "save".)

Valuable knitting time was used up on that venture, along with trying out several new photo editing software programs. The one I have used since my first digital camera is no longer being supported by the maker, or even compatible with modern computers.  The Monster Man is determined that I start using a newer one, having downgraded me due to tech problems with TOB's computer over the last set of holiday visit days.  Not that any of the new software would make me a better photographer!  I know that I need to work on that aspect as well, but finding something that is easy to use would help out a lot!

So that is the excuse for the next statement.

I am falling behind in a knit along!

I know you are shocked, I am too!  Between creating templates and playing with photo's, added to cobweb yarn being much slower for me to knit (at least correctly) I think that everyone participating in the Annapurna Knit Along is well ahead of me!

I have finished Chart A, and there are only three charts so how much catching up can there be?

 (Cobweb on top of fingering, they are both at the same point in the knitting, just to give you an idea of how differently sized they will be due to needle and yarn variations.)

Quite a lot actually, remember the story behind this beautiful piece of lace is climbing a mountain!

I had better get knitting!


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