Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's not a WIP Wednesday

Ok, quick show of hands....who resolved in January, or late December that Christmas Knitting was not going to wait until November this year?

You can put your hand down now.

Another quick show of hands...who has made some progress towards that goal?


Going once....going twice.....hmmm, not many takers for that one.  If you had your hand up, please put it down now.  If you didn't have your hand up, look at your calendar, we are almost done with the second of the eleven months that lead into our usual holiday knitting mayhem and I, for one, say it is time to do something about that!

Let's get something knit, stash it away and pretend to be surprised when we are done with our holiday knitting in time to sit smugly by the fire with purely fun knitting for ourselves the week leading into Christmas!  I have a remarkably quick sock pattern for you to get your on that journey.

For some reason I find that socks go one of two ways, they either take hours upon hours to knit, or somehow warp the space time continuum the other direction and fly off your needles.  These socks flew off mine and as an added bonus used up some of the sad little ends-of-socks-knit-in-the-past yarn.

You may recall seeing them as my January SKA Knitalong socks, but they finally have a name, some editing and testing behind them.


Byerly Socks.

Byerly "By" Vorrutyer was a Barrayaran Vor, who appeared to be a classic "town clown", but actually served as a secret Barrayaran Imperial Security agent. Spying, and reporting on the elite of Barrayar, By was known for his high tastes, low morals and appearing to play both sides in Lois McMaster Bujold's book, A Civil Campaign and showed up again in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance.  If you haven't read the books, give them a try.  Ms Bujold manages in a single series (following the life of one man from conception through...well so far middle age) to cover every writing genre out there.  Want some science fiction?  She's got that in spades, covering ethical and moral implications of technology without being preachy.  A little bit space western.  A little bit of Romance and even a good dose of comedy....but back to the knitting.

These socks are a little like Byerly.  Glanced at they look very complicated, and colorful, but I designed them with a new to colorwork knitter in mind.  There are no long floats to catch on toes or worry about weaving in and all the shaping is done using just the main color, so no secondary balls of yarn to get tangled while you figure out how many rows into a heel flap you are.

You can grab the pattern on Ravelry, no account needed, and put at least one pair of socks in your holiday knitting box ready for your next gift giving occasion....or you could knit yourself a pair!  That is what I did!

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