Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Places

We have a white board that sticks to the front of our fridge, at Chez Yarn Diet.  Well, actually there are four white boards...

One lists the children's chores each day.

One is labeled "I took the last...." and when you take the last of something you are supposed to write it on the board, sometimes to be funny someone will write "of mom's patience" in the list of various things I need to pick up at the store.

One has our appointments on it... things like doctor's or  dentist's visits, school things and work meetings.

The final board is the menu for the week. It is particularly useful for making sure that kids don't snack on what is supposed to be for dinner that night, leaving mom (that would be me) to figure out something different on the fly!  People laugh when they see the menu, sometimes there will be things listed that are in code.  Fish Custard is usually not fish fingers with egg custard to dip them in, usually that turns into home made pizza, but the one that really gets people is YoYo.

No I do not make the kids, or myself, eat a yoyo, it is short hand for You're On Your Own.  When looking at the menu for last week TFB asked if I thought that soon we would have an entire menu board filled with YoYo as Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were already filled in guessed it, YoYo.

We try and make it a practice to eat together every night, but YoYo means I must not be home, so I must be getting places, right?

Well, at least I seem to be getting places with my knitting anyway!

Presenting, Regatta Tee!
Yarns : ColourMart Cotton/Nylon and ColourMart Shiny Cotton
Needles : US size 5 or 3.75mm for my non US friends.
Mods: knit in the round to the armholes, then back and forth for the lace section, three needle bind off for the shoulders.

Notes : My swatch lied like a dog to me and the cotton/nylon blend did not shrink in width as much in the finished object as it did the swatch, but it still makes for a nice light top.  Next time I will knit on smaller needles, or for a bigger person!

I am also making some progress on the Christmas sweater for TFB, only sleeves and a collar to go, then it will be on to the next sweater!

Or maybe another tank top for me.


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Amanda said...

In Oz if you had yoyo for dinner you would be living on this:

Love the top.