Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Made It!

I love when I can give special gifts to people who "get" that a hand knit gift is so much more than the finished object.  Those people who understand that running out to the store and simply buying a sweater, pair of socks, or a baby blanket is not a large investment of time or effort, when knitting the same thing took buying the yarn, picking the pattern, thousands upon thousands of knitted stitches.

On it's own, each individual stitch is really nothing to get excited about.  A single knit stitch can be worked in less than one second of time, using just a small movement of fingers and the tiniest scrap of yarn.  But when you add that single stitch to it's thousands of brother and sister stitches, magic happens.

At least I think so!

I hope the Mom-to-be thinks so as well, because the baby blanket was completed in time for her baby shower. 

Stats:  Pierina (The Second)
Yarns :  Bernat Baby Soft in Yellow and Bernat BabySolids in Antique White.
Needles  ChiaoGoo Interchangeables in 4's and 6's (US)
Mods: Changed the triangle shawl into a square blanket using a circular cast on, worked in the round from beginning to end, then washed in the washing machine, pinned to the blocking mats and steamed to "kill" the acrylic.  As both these yarns have nylon in I was a little worried about the steam killing holding the piece, but a second run through the washer and dryer proved that it worked!

Finishing this took precedence over all my other knitting this week, but Friday I finally picked up my Regatta Tee again and divided for the armholes and have almost completed either the back or the front. (They are exactly the same.)

Yesterday, during the massive rain storms that ran through our area, I started making red currant jelly, as all the juices had strained through the cheesecloth today I was pretty much obligated to finish them up, although heating up my house making jelly probably wasn't my wisest move as I have been running quite a bit on the hot side lately!

Ten pretty little jars are cooling on the counter now.

Next I will have to find recipes for things to do with Quince.  Any suggestions?


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Amanda said...

Your blanket is pure magic! Have you made quince paste? And baked quinces with a dollop of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup is one of my favourites.