Sunday, July 14, 2013

Slow Down

Wouldn't it be nice if lives came with background music?  You would always know when the not nice stuff was going to happen by the ominous tones of the orchestra, or when the good stuff was just starting up by the happy tones of a pop song.  Maybe then, we could slow down the pace of life, just by changing the music.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Speaking of music, TDQ wanted to share this with you.  She says that you will love it!
This song has been played a lot around here the past couple of weeks, starting with The Other Brother.  He had me buy it for him a few weeks ago and I promptly forgot about it and then decided to purchase another song by the same group for myself and was wandering around the house asking everyone when I bought Radioactive and why I didn't have it on my Ipod!  Finally TOB understood what I was asking and told me,  don't you hate when your memory is like Swiss Cheese and full of holes?

Oh, you wanted to know what the other song was?
After much debate we bought the entire album and we all like different songs from it.

But I am sure that really you didn't visit here to see what is on the YarnDiet playlist, you probably expected to see some knitting.

Truth be told, I expected to do a lot more than I did, but you know how the real world gets in the way sometimes?  Yeah, it happened to me again!

First there were meetings at work, then work I had to do from home, then yard work (and I haven't quite figured out how to mow lawns and weed with my knitting in my hands.)  There were financial education classes to run and a concert in the park, and to top it all off, my personal demons, right little monsters they are too, decided that some of my knitting needed their personal attention!

Notice the strands of cat hair, and knitting yarn that has been pulled.
And more.

And that one is actually ripped through!
Into the frog pond it went!  I wasn't as thrilled with the way the colors were working together as I thought I would be, so it isn't really that huge a loss, but still, I usually like to decide to frog things without any help from the cats.

The baby blanket has hit that point in the border where I am wondering what I was thinking when I cast it on!  Just a couple of weeks ago people were amazed at how much I got done while waiting my turn at the doctor's I knit for an hour and can barely tell I have worked a stitch.  Wish me luck...the baby shower is on Saturday, do you think I will be ready in time?
If the Christmas sweater progress is anything to go by,
The baby blanket might be ready in time for Christmas!


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