Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Reluctant Countdown is on

July and August are always busy months for me at work, it seems no matter how smoothly things seem to be running heading into summer as soon as it hits....well there is a reason that fans run in the summer time, it is so that "stuff" can hit them!

Kids might be off school, but my workload heated up in a hurry and we haven't done much of anything on their list of "things to do over the summer".  To make matters worse (for them at least) in just nine days we start the rounds of picking up schedules, paying user fees, getting new student id cards and pictures done.  Certainly a wake up call that summer vacation is nearing it's end.

I had all these big plans for the amount of yard work and knitting I would get done sitting on the patio this summer that didn't quite make it off the drawing board. I didn't have any big inside the house projects planned, just some little ones, the big project was supposed to be the back deck and maybe a new sliding door, but then I went and used that money for something else, which means I had no excuse other than a lack of time for working on the garden and enjoying some me time on the patio! 

Not much in the way of knitting to talk about this week either.  I started the sleeve on the Red Gaston, then frogged it because the patterning at the top pulled it in too tight, so technically I have nearly knit two entire sleeves and only have less than one to show for it!  Kind of like the invisible knitting that the Yarn Harlot had on her blog not so long ago. (Scroll down to July 19th.)

But, I did get a package in the mail!  I wanted to try a new yarn from KnitPicks, just to see what it was like so I ordered a small selection of colors.

What do you think?

TDQ thought that all of those colors looked "old fashioned" and even referred to one as "muddy", so when she begged and pleaded to be taken to a craft store to get more beads as she has developed a beading habit, I picked up some "new fangled" and "bright" colors as well.

I wonder what I can do with all these?


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