Sunday, July 7, 2013

In the summer time, when the weather is hot...

It has been a stormy week around Chez YarnDiet!  Just in time for Independence Day Celebrations thunderstorms rolled into the area, luckily for us, not until our Block Party was wrapping up anyway!  The addition of street lighting in our neighborhood did put a bit of a damper on how our fireworks looked, it never really seemed to get dark enough, but the guys did their usual excellent job of picking out and setting off some impressive explosives.

I parked my behind on the lawn, with a beer (well technically it was two and they were Shandy's but close enough) and knit my way through the display while visiting with neighbors that I hardly get to the winter because we are all holed up in our warm houses avoiding the cold and during the summer because I have so much going on it feels like I am never home!

The kids and I made our traditional doughnuts, but not until Sunday - apparently a couple of beers and too much food were too much for me and I spent my rainy day off from work trying to get caught up around the house and on a couple of work projects. (Work had been even crazier than usual, just in time for summer!)

I did get a little knitting done, a few more rows on each of the sweaters that have all hit the boring middles along with a chart for my latest baby blanket.

I need to hurry up and get that one done, the baby shower it needs to go to is in 12 days and I still have 40 rounds, washing, blocking and steam killing to go, along with 3 hours of financial education to prep for and teach, the first of the concerts that my bank sponsors and I attend, getting ready for other summer events.....but wait there is more and you might even care about it.  I heard a rumor that Andrea, of Bad Cat Designs will be starting another group project next month, filled with new lace projects and a larger piece to start in the fall in honor of her daughter going away to college!  I am sure the announcement will be on her blog in a little bit here, in the meantime I have some serious knitting to get done so I am ready!


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Amanda said...

Strange hearing summer talk when I am looking at a garden white with frost. That baby blanket is looking good.