Saturday, September 24, 2011


Quite a hectic week for the crew at Chez YarnDiet.  On Wednesday I had to pick TFB (The first brother) up from school a little early and drag him across town to see a specialist.  It had all started the week before when the school called me to suggest that I have someone look at his foot.  We are not huge believers in doctors around here, but I called one and sweet talked the receptionist, who actually is a medical assistant but he was the poor soul that was answering the phones that day, into getting us an appt that day right after school.

Sure enough, the kid has an infection in his toe, but what the doctor can't figure out is why it is where it is and why his toenail, that always looked like a regular sort of toe nail before, is growing almost sideways and not from the bast of his toe to the tip of his toe.  A quick course of antibiotics later we leave with an appt for this week with a podiatrist who can hopefully figure things out.

Two appts later we have a theory.  The theory is that he stubbed his toe.  Damn hard and split his toe nail right the way down to the nail bed, it started healing on its own, but while it was doing that he....stubbed his toe., which split it again.  Many stubs later he has a toe nail that had shifted position and was now growing in all kinds of unusual directions and by the way, the antibiotic hasn't cured the infection.

One bout of in office surgery fishing for bits of toe nail where they didn't belong, draining the infection and just plain removing most of his nail later he seems to be doing very well.

You would think with waiting time in doctor's offices that knitting got done.

Alas, you would be wrong.

All I have to show for the week is a swatch.

“As long as the ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear
us apart, all will be well.”

Words to live by.


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Amanda said...


Is there another blanket in the future of that swatch?