Sunday, September 25, 2011

Be careful what you ask for

For some time now I have been trying to convince TDQ that yarn is a good thing to play with, not just to hand to Mom and say "make me this."  Until we went to Wool Gathering again this year my attempts fell on deaf ears.

Knitting is boring, she would say, or "You are faster than me, you make it, please???"

And then we met this lady.  She was chatting and braiding cord, and chatting some more, and TDQ decided that she would like to try.  A few dollars later this came home with us.
As soon as we were home, while I was making the dinner that none of us wanted to eat, she was in my stash. Digging through cashmere to practice with.  I was gentle, but firm, no cashmere for practice cords.  I also removed some very nice sock yarn and some of what is destined to be her Christmas Present Sweater from her hands and replaced it with some leftovers.  You know those walnut sized scraps that seem too much to toss and too little to do much with?  By the time she got to the end of that small ball she had got the hang of it and moved onto a full ball of Patons Kroy FX

Between sketching for art, she is not happy working  on still life pictures, and helping me out around the house she has got this far into her dream of 70 feet of cord.

My friend and fav designer, Andrea of Bad Cat Designs has suggested that once she finishes the cord we coil it up and stitch it into a fingerless mitt.  TDQ thinks that is just genius!.

I realized as I was uploading those pics I haven't shown you my in process baby blanket or scarf.  The scarf will have to wait, it is at work, but this is how far I got into Stor Lysedug, it is greatly upsized and the free pattern can be found here.  This time I am not knitting for my Baby Blankets through Time project, someone I used to work with is expecting again.  I am not the only one that wants Heirlooms for my children!
25 more rounds to go, I hope it will be big enough!


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Amanda said...

That blanket is going to be another beauty. And as for all that cord, perhaps another addiction? I seem to recall that Mason and Dixon also do all kinds of things with cord.