Monday, September 5, 2011

It might be just a little bigger than I thought it would be!

With just a few inches of yarn to spare........
Presenting  Back to the Garden by BadCat Designs, Full Circle version.
I knew she was going to be big while I was knitting her.  The question was "how big is big?" and the answer is bigger than any area I had to block her!

As I was going to be washing sheets today anyway I threw one of my winter, warm and cozy sheets on my bed and another on the box spring, not only does my Back to the Garden full circle cover my bed it goes way down over the edges!

Here is just the center, I cannot get high enough to put the whole shawl (stadium blanket in a single shot!)

And just a little perspective, that is the semi-circle version sitting on top of the still wet full circle to give you an idea of scale.

I hope she doesn't take too long to dry, I do want to be able to go to bed sometime tonight!

The Drama Queen and I are about to play our own version of Hoarders and clean out her messy room and I have jam on the stove (plum this time) so I had better run.  I hope you enjoyed the day!



Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks amazing and is really big!

a qué dedico mi tiempo libre said...

Muy, muy, muy bonito. Un beso desde España

Maria said...

Gosh, that is HUGE, but oh so gorgeous

Amanda said...

Fabulous! But its on the wrong bed, it will look much better on my bed ;)