Sunday, October 16, 2011

Really there has been some knitting!

Hmm, well it looks like it has been a while since I was here.  Trying to get new routines fully established seems to have eaten up a bit more time that it should have, but there has at least been a little knitting going on.  Just not my usual quantities.

That said, there is a finished object to share!

The Ties that Bind, by Diane Conroy.
Yarn : Colourmart Cotton/Linen/Silk 6/24 yarn held double throughout (Two full cones with about 22 grams to spare.)
Needles: Size 9 US

I was one of several people who got to test knit this pattern before Diane officially published it, (you can get it now as it is hot off the presses, just follow the pattern link above).
The yarn really changed with a quick trip through my washer and dryer, now it is all soft and cuddly!
See the difference?  Closer even, after the washer :
Before the washer:

Quite a drastic change, but I like it!

While I was washing and drying this piece suddenly it hit me.

It is Socktober already and I haven't knit any socks in a good long while, so
Nothing like a pair of plain vanilla socks when the head doesn't work right!

Other updates, BabyRay Blanket is still on the needles, those rounds are getting longer, CPDWifeScarf is about to be cast pics of either in my camera this time, maybe next time.


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Amanda said...

The blanket is beautiful. And how it blossomed after the wash!