Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't look Amanda, it will just make you jealous

It has been sheer craziness here at Chez YarnDiet. First, there was an ice storm overnight between Monday and Tuesday. School was closed and the local roads were treacherous. The kids and I ended up stuck at home and I spent the day trying to get ice off the driveway and keep fidgety stitches on my needles.

(Turn away, Amanda, Metamorphosis cardigan picture coming up...)

I might have sewn on a few buttons too!

And then came the wind.

As of this morning 20,000 homes locally are still without power. We were very lucky, only a short power out, but then no internet or cable.

Makes me glad I didn't go for the Voice over Internet phone system the cable television company was trying desperately to sell me this summer or we would have had no phones too! But at least the wind only knocked out power lines and downed trees and didn't knock down houses.

It is amazing how quickly we become used to things like internet access. I was lost last evening trying to decide what to do while I knit away on other projects. The radio wasn't playing what I wanted to listen to and waiting for weather reports and school closure updates to be broadcast on "their terms" was annoying me! There was a whole group of people knitting the same things I am, and I couldn't chit chat with them or look at their pictures of in progress work....and I grew up without computers and the world wide web in my home.

School went back today, and the internet is back to its usual self. There is even a television that has a complete screen sitting in my living room as I broke down and bought one. It is off, and I am catching up on group knitting, on my computer.

Maybe I shouldn't even have bothered buying it, I checked, there is nothing worth watching on!



Amanda said...

You made me look and now I want that cardi! Glad you came through the storm relatively unscathed. Humid with storms and flash flooding predicted for us.

Annie said...

You've just made me doubt: I may change plans again and knit the cardi instead of the sweater. Or knit both. I've decided to start again: because my wool wasn't sufficient for a whole sweater and I didn't want the yoke dark and the body light(er)... I'm nearly at the cardi/sweater decision point...